Arpan Global Charities

El Paraiso – Honduras (Mission 12)

Inspiring Selfless Service through Mentorship.

(August 5-12, 2012)

The 12th mission of Arpan Global Charities was held at El Paraiso in Honduras from August 5 to 12, 2013.

This was a very unique mission in the sense that it was joint venture between Arpan Global Charities and another non profit organization called MD Junior. The mission of MD Junior is Inspiring Selfless Service through Mentorship.

During this mission we examined and treated about 400 hundred adult and children. In addition this mission provided many opportunities for close interaction allowing teaching, mentorship, and exchange of ideas – cultural, socio-economic and scientific – between US and Honduran counterparts, students and physicians alike. Practicing language skills – both English and Spanish – was an essential part of the program.