Arpan Global Charities

Moshi – Tanzania (Mission 16)

Arpan Global Charities Mission Moshi, Tanzania

August 10-17, 2014

At the foothills of mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Arpan Global Charities 16th volunteer medical mission was held in the town of Moshi. This mission was unique for few reason: a) Relatively smaller team of total 10 volunteers including one anesthesiologist, one dentist, two thoracic surgeons, one pediatric orthopedic surgeon, one ophthalmologist, two pediatricians one nurse and one non-medical volunteer. Of total 10 team members 5 were from St Joseph Hospital in Orange CA. b) Different team members worked at 3 different hospitals including St Joseph Hospital, Kibosho Eye and ENT Hospital and Machame Lutheran Hospital. The team members stayed at Torchbearer Lodge run by Mama Lynn Elliott who at the same campus also runs a non-profit organization, the Light in Africa, where 166 orphans are taken care of. All children at this orphanage get shelter, meals, education and treatment for various underlying medical conditions including cerebral palsy, HIV and other acute as well chronic conditions.

During one week at Moshi our team members saw about 650 patients at different locations including 3 hospitals in Moshi and Masai patients in remote areas in the bushes. Total 55 surgical procedures were performed including 17 eye surgeries, 16 General surgical and pediatric orthopedic procedures and 22 dental procedures. We delivered gifts from sisters of St. Joseph Hospital in Orange California to sister Leiymo of St Joseph Hospital in Soweto Moshi. In addition our team members also delivered new clothes donated by St. John’s Friendship Quilters from Orange CA to the orphans at the Light in Africa. Team dentist donated hundreds of tooth brushes and tooth pastes to the local underserved population.

Overall mission Moshi in Tanzania was another successful mission for Arpan Global Charities fulfilling its mission to bring health and hope to the medically underserved population around the world, while providing humanitarian assistance and medical education to those who need it the most.