Arpan Global Charities

Puerto Rico – USA (Mission 22)

November 11-16, 2018

Over a year ago now, Hurricane Maria tore through Puerto Rico, ripping away homes and leaving residents with little food, water and power.

This time Arpan Global Charities lent a hand to the people of Puerto Rico, those who need the most help. A team of 27 health care professionals, including pediatricians, gynecologist, dentist, nurses from St Joseph Hospital CHOC, heme/onc resident from Armenia and few non-medical volunteers arrived San Juan on 10th of November, 2018.

The team traveled to many affected areas, to help as many people as possible. We start from mountainous regions- Utuado, Jayuya and Mameyes regions (central side of the island). On the first day we did home visits with community leaders. On the second day we worked in Community Center ( Clinica Comunitaria Barrio Mazmeyes de Utuado y COSSAO). This center was entirely built by the local residents after Hurricane Maria, without any help of local and federal government. During our visit, we participated in a community celebration to uplift people spirit and celebrate their achievements. Nearly 300 local people participated with all members of families, sharing food and great music.

Our next stop was the Island of Vieques (East side of the island). There we worked in Provisional CDT and Methodist Clinic which was heavily damaged during the hurricane.

Later we visited to the Hospital Pediatrico Universitario, in San Juan. It also was damaged during the hurricane. After visiting several departments of the hospital, Arpan Global Charities donated sum of $5000 to the foundation of the hospital for renovation and necessary supplies.

Over a short period of five days we had seen over 450 Puerto Rican children and adults.

This mission would not be possible without generous support of all involved, especially Dr. Jaqueline Winkelmann and Lisa Murdock, RN.