Arpan Global Charities

Hue – Vietnam (Mission #24)

Humanitarianism and Healing by Arpan Global Volunteers at Hue in Vietnam

April 8-12, 2024

After four years of hiatus as result of unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic, a team of 21volunteers from CHOC Children’s and Providence St Joseph Hospital, Orange completed a volunteer medical mission in Hue, Vietnam from April 8-12, This was the 24th mission organized by Arpan Global Charities (AGC), the fourth of its kind in Vietnam and the 2nd at the Hue University of Medicine and Pharmacy (HUMP) and Hue Central Hospital, aimed at providing essential medical care to under-served communities in the region.

Mission Participants:
The dedicated team of 21 volunteers consisted of medical professionals from CHOC Children’s and Providence St Joseph Hospital, Orange. The team included :

  • 5 nurses: Alyssa Mendez, Jennifer Pillon, Kara Posthuma, Kira Sandifer and Patrice Robison
  • 3 Surgeons: Drs. Paul Beck, Mustafa Kabeer, Brian Palafox
  • 6 Physicians: Drs. Huong Thi Duong, Thomas Kim, , Carole Kohen, Sudeep Kukreja, Amy Szyszko, Lan Weiss
  • 2 EMTs: Mark Kim and William Phan
  • 1 Pharmacist: Tony Phan
  • 4 Non-Medical Volunteers: Svetlana Chernobravina, Leo Chernobravina, Maria Kabeer, Sr. Thuy Tran

Mission Activities:
During the five-day mission in Hue, the team provided medical examination and treatment to over 400 under-served patients, encompassing both children and adults. Despite facing limitation in equipment and resources, the team’s surgeons performed 22 major orthopedic, pediatric surgical, and cardiothoracic procedures, significantly impacting the lives of the patients from in this region. In line with the Arpan Global Charities’ mission to provide education, team members delivered 25 educational lectures attended by residents and the faculty from HUMP.

Additionally, Dr. Huong Thi Duong, an internist from St. Joseph Hospital organized a two-day health fair where over 200 children and adults from nearby communities received free basic health assessments, education, medication and vitamin supplements.

On the final day of the mission Sr. Thuy from St Joseph Hospital organized a visit to a school for disabled children supported by sisters of St. Joseph. AGC demonstrated its commitment to community support by donating funds to support the disabled children at this facility.


AGC extends its sincerest appreciation and deepest gratitude to every volunteer member of the team, as well as the CHOC Foundation and Masimo Inc for their very generous donation of five Pulse ox/Hb monitors,

The next medical mission of Arpan Global Charities is scheduled in Yerevan, Armenia, from October 6 to 12, 2024. Anyone interested in participating in this mission, please contact Dr. Sudeep Kukreja at 714-585-1920 or at